ADSoftware celebrates 20 years of success in the aviation industry

In 2018, ADSoftware will celebrate 20 years as one of the aviation software development industry’s most trusted businesses. We take a look back at some of ADSoftware’s principal achievements over the last two decades, before examining some of the key challenges facing the company today.


ADSoftware: 20 years leading the aviation industry

Created by CEO Fred Ulrich back in 1998 as a result of a huge gap in the software market, ADSoftware has evolved into a truly global company over the last two decades. Today, ADSoftware is present in more than 38 countries, with all of its software (web- and mobile- compatible) available in multiple languages. This commitment to technical excellence, international expansion and cutting-edge innovation makes ADSoftware the European leader in aviation software integration and development. As of 2018, the company counts over 50 clients worldwide, while managing over 1700 fixed-wing aircraft and 400 helicopters for both civil and military fields

ADSoftware and customer service: making clients a priority since 1998

With three offices on four continents, ADSoftware is leading the way when it comes to customer service. This commitment to 24-hour technical support and aftercare is particularly appreciated by its clients. HELI UNION maintenance engineer Gaëtan Page says: ”When it comes to resolving potential problems in the industry, speed is paramount. ADSoftware’s technology allows us to follow and keep track of our vehicles’ maintenance for easier technical upkeep, while conforming to European requirements.”

Past successes and future challenges

So, what has gone into making ADSoftware such a successful business? ADSoftware analyst Ingrid Gerphagnon says: “We take pride in accompanying our clients throughout the integration process, from data transfer to technical support. We also help our clients install our software while adapting it to their specific needs and train their own teams in how to use our technology.”

Asked about some of the key issues ADSoftware has faced over the last 20 years, CEO Fred Ulrich replies: “The biggest challenge is yet to come! This year, we’re launching a series of entirely new applications, including a powerful ELECTRONIC LOGBOOK.” A busy year for the company: as part of an ongoing software migration program, 2018 will see ADSoftware continuing their commitment to meeting 2018 SPEC 2000 standards for Boeing 787 and Airbus A350Fred Ulrich adds: “The next step for ADSoftware will still see us firmly committed to technical maintenance. However, we’re looking to diversify and respond to the ever-more demanding needs of our clients, with more specific, ‘custom-made’ technology like the apps mentioned above.”


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