ADSOFTWARE strengthen its market position in the Defense Industry.

HELI UNION choses AD SOFTWARE to support the 12 AS365 of the French Navy. The solution will support all airworthiness, maintenance and supply chain activities of the operator.

In 2019 the French Navy issues a bid for the lease of 12 AS365 Helicopters over a 10 years period. These operations will last while the new H160 is finalized and delivered in 2028. This bid was won by Héli-Union and Defense Conseil International.

The cooperation between HELI UNION and Defense Conseil International (DCI) was made possible thanks to the highly secured infrastructure developed by AD SOFTWARE. A strong requirement in the light of the high-risk nature of the missions that these aircraft will face.

AD SOFTWARE has built a strong experience in this difficult environment through contracts with the French Interior Department and military operators. Thanks to this experience AD SOFTWARE was able to offer a solution matching this extremely demanding specifications.

With this success, AD SOFTWARE furthers its market share in the Defense industry, demonstrating its ability to compete with the largest international companies that usually hoard Government contracts. Jonathan Cosson, Deputy General Manager of HELI UNION explains how: “in 10 years AD SOFTWARE know-how evolved to the level of the best solutions on the market while remaining a reliable partner at our service”.

As for AD SOFTWARE’s CEO, Frederic ULRICH, he is “thrilled to start this new project with one of our historic customers. HELI UNION believed in AD SOFTWARE 10 years ago when we first started our partnership, we were able to take the most of this collaboration to build a many features and modules dedicated to the civil and military market, bringing our solution to the forefront of what the market has to offer today

AD SOFTWARE is a leading supplier of CAMO/MRO software solutions for civil and military, helicopter and fixed wing operators around the world. Established in 1998 the company has more than 60 customers in 40 countries. The AIRPACK software suite supports 1600 aircraft and 600 helicopters with 1600 daily users.

The aircraft manufacturer ATR also benefits from AIRPACK.

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