Interview: Ingrid Gerphagnon, Engineering Analyst

Ingrid GERPHAGNON, jeune femme, qui travaille chez ADSoftware

As part of our series taking a closer look at ADSoftware’s key personnel, we spoke to Engineering Analyst Ingrid Gerphagnon about her role at Europe’s leading aviation companies.


Could you tell us a little more about what you do?

I studied at ESTACA (France’s leading engineering school) before heading to Heli Union, where I worked on software implementation and training. I also have a technical background, having spent time working in maintenance and airworthiness. I joined ADSoftware in May 2016, where I take care of data transfer and data migration, as well as training clients on how to use our software.

What is it like working for ADSoftware?

I do a lot of teleworking, as I occasionally have to visit clients across France and overseas in order to conduct training sessions. In terms of atmosphere, ADSoftware is a very open company to work for. One of the most positive aspects of my work is the opportunity to display my product knowledge: during my time at Heli Union (one of ADSoftware’s leading clients), we were major users of the software that I now oversee training and development for. It’s great to be able to look at the solutions we provide from both an internal and external viewpoint.

What has been ADSoftware’s greatest success so far?

I think that one of ADSoftware’s strongest selling points is our commitment to accompanying our clients across the whole of their projects, from start to finish. We take care of everything from data transfer to technical support, as well as installing our software and training our clients on how to use it. After all, we’ve just celebrated our twentieth birthday – so we must be doing something right!

Finally, a word on company priorities for the coming years?

Today, ADSoftware is looking at several areas of development in order to preserve its place as Europe’s leader in the aeronautical software development industry. We’re now able to offer our clients a complete solution for all of their data management. Our team is continuing to grow: we’ve recently welcomed several new developers, as well as a data analyst to help with training and product management as our product line continues to expand.


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