OVERLAND AIRWAYS installs AD SOFTWARE – A success story amidst the COVID crisis


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Overland Airways is a major Regional Airline operating  in West Africa, an IATA and AFRAA member with IOSA certification with a fleet of ATRs and Beechcraft and operating base in Nigeria. In 2019 the airline initiated the search for  an MRO/CAMO IT solution. Being the leading solution in Africa and the ATR expert, AD SOFTWARE quickly appeared as the best option. By the end of the year Overland Airways had officially selected AD SOFTWARE.

In 18 years Overland Airways has developed a reputation of professionalism, safety and expertise in the region under the leadership of her CEO and founder, Capt. Edward Boyo. The search for the IT solution was thorough and detailed, led by experts across the  entire organization. When it was time to start the implementation both parties had the expertise required for a successful launch. AD SOFTWARE is an ATR expert (being the solution chosen by the OEM to support their MRO and CAMO services) and has a positive track record in Africa.

Unfortunately, the implementation plan was  setback by the COVID- 19 pandemic crisis. In fact, the borders closed while AD SOFTWARE team was in Lagos. Everything came to a halt overnight and AD SOFTWARE team was on a plane back to Europe. The project was at risk of being stopped indefinitely, had AD SOFTWARE not have a contingency plan ready.

In less than 48 hours AD SOFTWARE turned into a “home-office” company, maintaining the same productivity as before the crisis. The implementation at Overland Airways resumed remotely and was completed by the end of the summer.

The modules used by Overland Airways are:

  • AIRTIME for the CAMO and Engineering activities,
  • AIRSTOCK for the logistics and stock management,
  • eWORK, a mobile application designed for Part 145 mechanics



According to Capt. Edward Boyo “AD SOFTWARE is the right choice for Overland Airways, it is a sophisticated and well supported solution that reflects the quality and professionalism of our organization. We anticipate increased efficiency and higher aircraft availability as a result of this partnership.”

AD SOFTWARE’s CEO, Frederic Ulrich is also positive about the project: “Overland Airways is a model of organization, expertise and professionalism. The work ethic of Overland Airways management is second to none and we couldn’t be prouder to support them.”  



About ADSoftware

ADSoftware is a company based in France and major supplier of MRO software solutions for helicopter and fixed wing operators across the globe. In its 20 years of existence it has steadily increased its user base to over 60 airlines by providing a scalable and cost-efficient solution that is adapted to the complex needs of operators while remaining user-friendly.

Visit https://www.adsoftware.fr/ for more information.

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